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The mind and body are linked together in powerful and subtle ways. Hypnosis has been found to be helpful in supporting recovery from many different health disorders, through enlisting the aid of the subconscious mind to complement whatever healthy habits and medical treatments have been chosen.

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Examples of Some Health Situations Where
Hypnosis has Been Found to be Helpful

Medical Referral Required

Sometimes simply doing hypnosis sessions for stress management can have a beneficial effect on whatever health challenge a person may be experiencing.

However, in order to specifically work on a medical problem with a person, a hypnotist must first, by law, have a written referral from the appropriate licensed health professional. This is usually easy to obtain, because most physicians and mental health workers are aware of the literature attesting to the helpfulness of hypnosis with many issues. The client can ask their health care provider themselves, or a request for referral can be sent out by our office. This law exists for the client's own protection, and no exceptions will be made.

Number of Sessions
In working with health conditions, the number of sessions will vary, according to the nature of the problem, as well as the client's progress.

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