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Achieving Academic Excellence

Hypnosis can help you become more focused and absorbed in what you are learning, improving your ability to understand and assimilate information. It can also improve your test-taking ability by enabling you to access your subconscious mind more easily, and bring the information you have learned back to your conscious awareness.

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Learning is a Natural Activity of the Mind

Concentration is a natural ability of the mind, and learning should be interesting and fun. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often there is such intense pressure surrounding test taking, that the entire process becomes an absurd burden.

While everyone agrees that there must be a way for a person to demonstrate what they have learned, the fear and anxiety over taking tests can set the stage for doing poorly. Under these conditions, concentration dims and memory falters. It can interfere with your ability to learn. It can also interfere with your ability to remember what you have learned.

Hypnosis Can Help You Learn More Easily and
Improve Your Test Taking Abilities

The subconscious mind is the seat of memory, and it is where we store information as we learn it. It is therefore where we go to retrieve that information when we need it.

The subconscious mind is also the seat of emotions. All the tension and fear and anxiety being held there can interfere with our ability to absorb and remember information.

Through hypnosis, you can relax and free yourself from a great deal of these emotional restrictions, replacing them with poise and self-confidence, so that learning and test taking actually become interesting and enjoyable experiences.

Use Hypnosis as a Tool to Sharpen Your Mind

Session One
Learn how to relax deeply, clearing your mind and sharpening your ability to concentrate and absorb information.

Session Two
Learn how to approach taking tests with confidence and comfort, accessing your memory stores when you need to.

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