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Weight Management

The pathway each person takes in their process of losing, gaining, or maintaining weight will be unique, as it will involve making changes in their own habits and ways of thinking. Unless there is an underlying medical condition, hypnosis can be a valuable tool in making these changes.

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Many Aspects of a Person's Life Can Influence Weight

All things being equal, it is true that eating smaller quantities of the right kinds of foods, drinking enough water, and increasing physical activity will result in weight loss. Eating larger quantities of the right kinds of foods will result in weight gain. However, in life, all things are rarely equal. There are always personal circumstances that can influence this process.

Many factors may influence not only when we eat, what we eat, and how much we eat, but also how we digest and metabolize our food. It is now well known that the typical stress response, if prolonged, can cause biochemical changes that lead to increased storage of fat in the body. There may be medical, social or personal issues that affect a person's experiences and food preferences. Even what we are thinking and feeling, as well as our beliefs, can alter the choices we make on a daily basis.

Each Person is Unique

For one person, weight management may be quite straightforward - simply a matter of staying motivated and developing healthier habits in their daily routines. For another person, it may include reducing the stress in his or her life, and learning how to deal with it in more effective ways. For others, it may involve changing the way they think about themselves and their lives.

Creating Your Own Individual Approach

The first two hypnosis sessions serve as the foundation, and apply to everyone.

Session One
Begin to understand any subconscious resistance that may exist, creating an internal struggle and making it more difficult to change habits. Focus on eating appropriate portions of the right foods, drinking enough water, getting regular exercise and dealing with temptation.

Session Two
Continue to develop healthy habits. Zero in on specific circumstances or scenarios which may be particularly difficult to deal with. Use imagery and affirmations to help transform any limiting ways of thinking and feeling, and to focus on future success.

Additional Sessions
Further sessions are available for anyone who wishes to deal with other aspects of their lives which may be influencing their weight management success.

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