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Smoking Cessation

For a smoker, the urge to smoke can be experienced as overwhelming and long-lasting. The reality is that an urge to smoke actually lasts for only a very short time, a matter of minutes, and the intensity can quickly diminish from strong to mild to none at all. Hypnosis enlists the power of your subconscious mind in helping you change your perceptions and overcome this dangerous habit.

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The Welcome Mats for Smokers are Being Taken In

Smoking is becoming banned in more and more places. Now that the damage caused from second hand smoke has been well documented, from chronic irritations to serious illnesses, this trend will steadily continue.

You Can Become a Nonsmoker

We are all aware of the harmful long-term consequences of smoking to both smokers and the people around them. There is no need to repeat them here. Instead, begin now to focus on leaving this destructive habit behind.

No one needs to be caught in the trap of harming themselves and others.
You can become a nonsmoker, and hypnosis can help you do it.

Mobilize all Your Strengths

Using your conscious mind alone - with willpower - when trying to stop smoking, can set up a long, constant state of struggle within yourself.

Using the power of your subconscious mind - with hypnosis - can relieve this internal struggle and make it much easier to successfully become a nonsmoker.

The Benefits of Being a Nonsmoker

Make the Commitment to Yourself to Stop Smoking Now

Make the commitment now to make this life-giving change in your life.

Session One
Experience the hypnotic state, and enlist the aid of your subconscious mind in decreasing the urge to smoke, while nicotine and other harmful substances are leaving your body.

Session Two
Change your internal responses to your own personal smoking triggers, the times and places where you were most apt to experience the urge to smoke.

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